Charcuterie, Cheese Platter or Cheese Boards


#traderjoes has some wonderful cheeses and they don’t come in massive quantities so you can get a good variety. The pepper jam at both #traderjoes and #costco are both great additions to your Cheese platter. Thinly sliced meats also make a great accompaniment to your boards.

A good cheeseboard that’s beautifully decorated can easily be the star of your party. It’s simple to do and it makes for a wonderful wow factor. I love setting up my cheese board with interesting seasonal additions. I like doing a hard cheese, a soft sweet cheese, a savory cheese & a creamy cheese like a Burata. I always like to add a pepper jam, fruit, nuts, olives, some sort of pate or tapenade and either honey or a fruit preserve. Small slices of bread, hard mini toasts and crackers make a great addition. Put out mason jars and put fresh basil stalks and rosemary stalks in them. It adds a great visual appeal and it makes a fabulous accompaniment to the cheeses. Cheese tastes best at room temperature, so take it out an hour before your guests arrive. Please send me pictures of your boards to inspire me to create more posts for you to enjoy. #sliceofgourmet

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